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Chemical peels are one of those facial treatments you can benefit from no matter what skin issue you want to improve, whether acne scars, fine lines, or dark spots. A peel will make them fade away and reveal glowing skin that looks amazing. We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Raza Mehdi from our Skin and Cancer Institute to get some inside information about this popular option. Dr. Mehdi is a fan of chemical peels and does them on himself regularly. He was “peeling” while we talked to him.

Get Glowy Skin With A Chemical Peel

“What’s interesting about these is your friends and coworkers can’t figure out what you did but notice a significant difference,” Dr. Mehdi said. “It’s amazing how much it improves skin tone, texture, and color.”

What To Expect During A Chemical Peel

Your dermatologist will start by cleaning your face with alcohol. Next, they’ll apply the chemical peel evenly on your face (or another area). It’s a little-known fact that chemical peels benefit skin all over the body, including the neck, chest, back, and arms. The acid solution works its magic on your skin for as few as two minutes while cool air is fanned onto your face. It’ll feel tingly but not painful. Then, your face is cleaned, and, just like that, the treatment is over.

The Treatment is Fast

A chemical peel is a fast and easy treatment, according to Dr. Mehdi. You can expect to be in and out of the room in fifteen minutes, which is a small investment of time for a significant result. You’ll begin to see your skin start to peel after a couple of days, and your glowing skin will reveal itself soon afterward.

How A Chemical Peel Helps Acne

Cystic acne responds well to chemical peels. The peel helps control oily skin and more. Dr. Mehdi said you could expect your chemical peel to support acne healing because it can “shut oil glands, shrink pores, and kill bacteria.”

Lighten Up Melasma

Dark areas of pigmentation, or melasma, are caused by several things, most notably sun damage. But that’s not the only thing that can give you blotchy skin. Changing hormones can cause a “pregnancy mask” to develop. Plus, menopause sometimes alters a woman’s hormones enough to cause melasma in older women. A chemical peel helps brighten these dark spots.

Smooth Your Fine Lines

A chemical peel will smooth out your wrinkles, which is terrific if you want a more youthful look. But that’s not all it does, according to Dr. Mehdi. “It helps everything. It shrinks and helps with fine lines. It regenerates new skin cells, leaving you with new skin, free of contaminants and oils,” he said.

Products To Use After A Chemical Peel

The only product you need after a chemical peel is sunscreen. Light makeup is also acceptable. But, try to steer clear of moisturizer. Remember not to pick and pull your skin because you want to peel evenly.

How Much Does A Chemical Peel Cost?

Now that you know a chemical peel is a small investment of your time, you’re probably wondering what sort of monetary investment you’ll need to make. Luckily, chemical peels are a service most of our Skin and Cancer Institute offices provide for free with each office visit. Dr. Mehdi said you could “Compare this to around $175 at a medspa.”

Dr. Mehdi is happy to see you for an appointment at his San Clemente and Redondo Beach offices. We have dozens of other Skin Cancer Institute dermatologists scattered throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona for your convenience. We’d love to see you for an annual checkup, so feel free to contact us today for an appointment.