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Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin Cancer, and Medical Skin Care in Westwood

10884 Santa Monica Blvd., 3rd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025

Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin Cancer, and Medical Skin Care in Westwood

Located in West Los Angeles adjacent to Beverly Hills, our luxurious facilities and state-of-the-art surgery center are home to the top cosmetic and medical dermatologists in Southern California. Board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Daniel Taheri, created Skin And Cancer Institute to offer patients cutting-edge cosmetic treatments as well as skin cancer treatments.

Cosmetic Laser & Non-Surgical Enhancements

We offer cosmetic treatments such as body sculpting, fillers, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, and peels. We use other lasers as well to accomplish facial rejuvenation including the Fractional C02 laser, Vbeam Perfecta, intense pulsed light laser, and photodynamic therapy. We also offer services such as laser hair removal, spray tanning, and tattoo removal. Body sculpting procedures are available and target cellulite and unwanted wrinkles on the skin, creating a toned, tighter look and feel.

Medical Dermatology Treatments

Medical treatments for skin conditions like nail fungus, hair loss, melasma, lipoma, cysts, warts, and skin tags are also available. Acne scars and other unwanted scars can be treated topically or by laser. Our advanced laser treatments help our patients cope with various unwanted skin conditions. For example, we offer therapy, a technique that uses ultrasound therapy to treat and tighten sagging skin on the face predominantly around the brow, chin, and neck.

Plastic Surgery on the Face, Body, and Breasts

Our plastic surgery procedures include enhancements to the body, breasts and face. Our Westwood practice has in-house board-certified plastic surgeons who can perform breast enhancement procedures like a breast lift, augmentation or reduction. Depending on certain factors and the patient’s health, more than one surgery may be elected to be performed at the same time. For example, we often have patients who opt to undergo liposuction and a butt lift at the same time or tummy tuck and body contouring simultaneously.

Body Enhancements by Surgery for Women

Surgery on the body can include to the abdomens, buttocks, legs, thighs and arms. From liposuction to a tummy tuck, there are various options. These are popular choices for women post-partum or after pregnancy. Our surgeons perform procedures like liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. This can create definition, the appearance of tighter-looking skin and a toned stomach.

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Reduction

Breast augmentation surgery for a post-partum woman or mother can increase the cup size, create symmetry and proportion and even reposition the nipple if desired. Many of our patients are new moms who want a change to their post-partum bodies. Women and mothers who have breastfed or see many changes to their body or breasts may be interested in a breast lift or augmentation as well as liposuction or tummy tuck. As a result of a pregnancy, or two, or three, the breasts can change and rapidly deflate over time due to hormonal changes and the effect of months or years of breastfeeding. Many of our patients are also interested in this procedure purely to alter the size of their breasts and opt for a bigger cup size. During the procedure, the surgeon can make sure the breasts are proportional to one another and to the rest of the body while considering other factors unique to each patient.

Breast reductions are a great choice for women with heavy and larger breasts who experience pain, discomfort or back pain as a result of the extra weight. If your breast size is causing unrest or disrupting other aspects of daily life, you should consult with our surgeons to learn if you qualify for a breast reduction procedure. Breast enhancement, lift or reduction can combat time, gravity and the appearance of sagging or deflated breasts.

Facial Enhancements that Eliminate Loose Skin and Tighten the Face

We offer three cosmetic surgery procedures to the face: blepharoplasty, facelift and neck lift all of which eliminate droopy skin while tightening it. The eyelid blepharoplasty surgery tightens saggy skin around either or both the upper and lower eyelids. A neck lift or facelift seeks to eliminate loose skin from the neck and to tighten the face, shedding years off one’s appearance.

Skin Cancer Removal & Treatment

If you suspect you have dangerous growths or moles on your skin, come in to see a licensed dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon for diagnosis and a determination as to whether the growth is or can become malignant. Routine examinations are critical. We recommend patients be examined often and one is even more exposed to the sun than is typical, more routine examinations should be performed due to the sun damage that can result.

Skin cancer can grow early on and evolve from pre-cancerous lesions. Our office and surgeons routinely perform removal surgical excisions and offer other appropriate treatments depending on the type, size and nature of the tumor present. The location of the cancerous tumor is also taken into account. When the tumor is present on the face, we often opt for Mohs micrographic surgery to preserve as much healthy natural tissue as possible.

Experience You Can Trust with Skin And Cancer Institute

At Skin And Cancer Institute, our team is driven by board-certified dermatologic surgeons who are skin cancer surgeons as well. From examinations of the skin to removal treatments and surgeries, cancerous tumors and lesions are effectively removed. Click here to learn about the various types of cancers which exist ranging from common to rare, yet dangerous.

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Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin Cancer, and Medical Skin Care in Westwood

10884 Santa Monica Blvd., 3rd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Insurances Accepted

Westwood Dermatology & Skin Cancer accepts the following insurances. Please call for additional information.

  • Aetna Health of California Inc.
  • Affiliated Partners IPA
  • AltaMed
  • Altura HealthShare
  • American’s Choice Provider
  • Anthem Blue Cross of
  • Associates Hispanic
    Physicians of Southern
    California IPA
  • Blue Shield of CA
  • Brand New Day (BND) –
    Universal Care, Inc.
  • Citrus Valley Physician
    Group (CVPG)
  • CMS Medicare
  • Community Family Care IPA
  • CorVel
  • Global Care IPA
  • Health Care LA IPA
  • HealthNet
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana / Choice Care
  • Imperial Health Holdings
  • In Physician Associates, A
    Professional Medical
    Corporation (IMS)
  • Incentive Health IPA –
    Premier Physician Alliance,
  • LA Care Health Plan
  • Molina
  • MPI/MP3 Motion Pictures
  • Multiplan
  • Networks by Design (NBD)
  • Prospect Medical Group,
    Inc. – CalCare IPA
  • Prospect Medical Group,
    Inc. dba Vantage Medical
  • RailRoad Medicare
  • Serendib Healthways IPA
  • Specialty Care Network
  • Three Rivers Production
  • TriWest
  • UCLA Health – The Industry
    Health Network
  • United Health Care
  • Zelis Network Solutions
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