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Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a groundbreaking treatment for a variety of skin conditions. Patients will receive a specialized medication that activates when light energy is applied directly to the target area.

Areas that can be Treated By Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is used on the face and body to treat a variety of skin conditions. Click here to learn more about how PDT is a cutting edge technique for treating acne and pestering acne scars.

Is PDT photodynamic therapy right for me?

PDT photodynamic therapy is the perfect noninvasive skin care solution for adult men and women. If you’re committed to proper after care, this procedure is right for you!

What can I expect the day I receive PDT photodynamic therapy treatment?

PDT photodynamic therapy is a safe and easy procedure that takes approximately 90 minutes. Do not wear makeup or lotion the day of your treatment. When you arrive, your skin care specialist will thoroughly cleanse the treatment area and then apply a medicated cream. You will then relax in our office for one hour while the cream is absorbed into the skin. After that, you will be invited into a treatment room to receive light therapy. The medication from the cream is activated by the light energy. You’ll feel a moderate warming sensation as the light source targets the treatment area. For your comfort, you may be given a fan to help cool off during the session. Some areas of the body require a longer waiting period after the medicated cream is applied. When you schedule your appointment, our specialists will be sure to explain the process for your specific therapy so you know what to expect the day of treatment.

What will recovery be like after I receive PDT photodynamic therapy?

You may experience mild dryness and a sensation similar to a sunburn for a few days after photodynamic therapy. Patients are able to go back to work immediately following the procedure. Even though you are able to return to regular activities, it is important to follow the after care instructions given to you by your provider. Failure to do so may delay or diminish the results of photodynamic therapy. Completely avoid the sun for 48 hours after each photodynamic therapy session.

Do I need to follow a special skin care routine after receiving PDT photodynamic therapy?

Your provider will give you detailed instructions about your specific skin care needs. You may receive a prescription for special creams or gels to maximize the results of your photodynamic therapy treatment. High SPF protection application (SPF 30+ and higher) is recommended twice a day for at least 6 months after the procedure to protect your skin.

Results After PDT Therapy

Depending on the condition being treated, you may need anywhere from 3-6 treatments for optimal results. Patients typically begin to see improvement after their second photodynamic therapy session.

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