Posted by: Skin And Cancer Institute in Cosmetic Procedures

DiamondGlow is a nourishing, hydrating cosmetic facial treatment. During a DiamondGlow treatment, dead skin cells are removed and a serum is applied. Exfoliation and extractions are also done prior the application of the serum. The procedure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

The benefits of the DiamondGlowinclude treating brown spots, enlarged pores, texture, elasticity and more. While it a relaxing, pampering treatment with all the perks of a facial, it has a more hydrating and refreshing result. With cleaner looking skin, your face will glow and look much healthier after just one treatment. If you are interested in a cosmetic relaxation yet rejuvenating facial treatment, you may opt for a DiamondGlow at LA Laser Center with our team of experienced nurses and aestheticians.