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Aliso Viejo

Skin And Cancer Institute proudly presents facial, body, hair and skin care treatments for all your restoration, enhancement and cosmetic rejuvenation needs. From facial fillers to laser therapy for skin conditions like psoriasis, our dermatologists are trained professionals ready to diagnose and recommend appropriate treatments. Cosmetic procedures such as hair loss treatments, tattoo removal, varicose and spider vein treatment, body contouring and sculpting are available as well.

Plastic Surgery, Medical Treatment of Skin Conditions & Skin Cancer Removal

Our practice is also known for our superior craftsmanship in plastic surgry involving the face, body and/or breasts. Such procedures typically involve liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, face lifts and more.

Our licensed dermatologists and nurses are capable of working carefully to resolve any existing malignant moles or tumors present on the skin. Pre-cancerous lesions are also a cause for concern and must be detected early on before they evolve into cancer. Our office has a variety of removal methods including but not limited to Mohs surgery, electrodessication and curettage, cryotherapy, surgical removal and more.

Medical conditions like psoriasis, warts, eczema, dandruff, lipomas, skin tags, melasma, rosacea and other bothersome concerns are treated at Skin And Cancer Institute as well. If you are interested in a cosmetic or dermatologic treatment, contact us to schedule your consultation.

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