Posted by: Skin And Cancer Institute in Cosmetic Procedures

Botox has many positive cosmetic benefits that both men and women can benefit from. Aside from a tightened, refreshed look, Botox eliminates fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes as well as the forehead. Injections can also be applied to wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Botox is safe and effective while delivering cosmetic enhancements that reverse years of aging.

Botox injections can also treat medical conditions such as migraines and excess sweating. Significant improvement has been seen for patients who are prone to excess sweating.

The treatment time varies depending on the number of treatment areas and units of Botox used. Generally, the treatment should last five to ten minutes. It is important for patients to be diligent and avoid Botox if you have an allergy to the botulinum toxin.