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Infinity Sun Spray Tanning at Skin And Cancer Institute

What is Infinity Sun Spray Tanning?

Infinity Sun Spray Tanning is the first and only spray tan system to use state of the art plug and spray technology designed to be efficient, accurate, and flawless. Infinity Sun brings you the world’s only multifunctional skin care system crafted with high volume and low pressure turbine engineering. The revolutionary spray system atomizes a mixture of treatment lotions into very fine mist, delivering customized, high quality skin care and sunless tanning for a luxurious spray tan experience. Infinity Sun Spray Tanning is the ultimate healthy alternative to dangerous UV exposure from tanning beds and the sun.

Is Infinity Sun Spray Tanning right for me?

If you’re looking for a stunning tan but don’t want to expose yourself to harmful ultraviolet radiation, Infinity Sun Spray Tanning is perfect for you! It’s a fast, easy, and safe way to look your best all year long!

How should I prepare for my Infinity Sun Spray Tanning session?

We highly recommend that you shower and shave one day prior to your tanning session. A glycerin soap is ideal, because it tends to leave the least amount of residue on your skin. Avoid oil based soaps. Exfoliating prior to your spray tan is very important. It will help your tan last longer. It is also important to schedule any other body care treatments before you receive your spray tan, especially manicures, pedicures, sugaring, and waxing.

You can wear makeup and lotion during your session as long as it is not oil based. It is best to wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops.

What can I expect the day of my Infinity Sun Spray Tanning session?

Your Infinity Sun Spray Tanning appointment will take approximately 20 minutes. Depending on what type and intensity of solution you chose for your spray tan, your specialist may recommend that you avoid showering, swimming, and sweating for a specific amount of time. After you are able to shower, be sure to thoroughly moisturize with oil free lotion! This will slow the exfoliation of your outer layer of skin, making your gorgeous tan last as long as possible.

How long will my Infinity Sun spray tan last?

Your customized Infinity Sun spray tan can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your skin care habits and how often you moisturize. To make your flawless spray tan last as long as possible, avoid exfoliating and using oil based skin care products. Moisturize as often as possible.

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