Posted by: Skin And Cancer Institute in Cosmetic Procedures

Many of us have heard the word Botox hundreds of times, if not more. Botox is an injection that enhances the cosmetic appearance of an individual. Botox works by minimizing and diminishing the appearance of frown lines and fine lines that can be found on the forehead, around the eyebrows, between the eyebrows and around the eyes when you smile.

Your board-certified dermatologist can perform this cosmetic procedure that takes only a few minutes. The precise location of each injection would be mapped out by the doctor directly on your face. No anesthesia is necessary for this cosmetic treatment. Once the Botox is applied to the target areas, you will begin to notice results almost immediately.

During the treatment, the patient may feel a slight pinch only while the Botox is being injected. Afterwards, there may be side effects such as swelling and/or bruising depending on the patient’s individual sensitivities. Typically, any swelling disappears within one hour of the treatment. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately. You will notice a new and rejuvenated look to your skin- one that is with minimal or no fine lines- depending on your desired outcome.

Contact Skin and Cancer Institute today to schedule your consultation for Botox. Our Westwood practice, offers a full range of cosmetic treatments that can be selected from. Many patients opt to undergo Botox and facial fillers at the same appointment.