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Our dermatologists want you to wear sunscreen during the Winter. Don’t think you need it? Well, you do. The sun’s UV rays are with us daily. If the sun is up, UV rays cascade down.

Even if the day is cloudy and overcast, the sun has still come out. Sure, the sun’s UV rays are weaker in the Winter than in the Summer. But they’re still there, causing your skin:

  • DNA damage
  • Premature Aging
  • Cancer

That’s why the Skin and Cancer Institute dermatologists want you to wear sunscreen daily, even in the Winter. Still not convinced?

Here are three facts that show you ARE getting damaging UV rays in the Winter and need to protect your skin with daily sunscreen. 

  1. Altitude–If you live at a high elevation, more UV rays will reach the ground than if you live at sea level–but you’re still getting UV damage daily at sea level.
  2. Clouds–UV rays can and do make their way through clouds, and you’re still getting exposure if the day is cloudy. 
  3. Surface reflection–UV rays bounce off nearly every surface. This is especially true of pavement, water, and snow. 

UV Exposure

A person’s amount of UV exposure depends on variables like ray strength, exposure time, and protection from clothing or sunscreen. But the bottom line is that you ARE getting damaging UV rays in the Winter. 

Winter Sunscreen is a Necessity

Ultraviolet rays reach your skin even when it’s cold and even when it’s cloudy. And the damage these rays do to your skin is cumulative, so the damage builds, little by little, year after year. 

But, I Don’t Burn in The Winter!

You probably don’t think of the winter months as a time you need to wear sunscreen. That’s because winter sunburns are rare as you’re more covered up than usual and spending more time indoors compared to summertime. Still, winter sun damage happens (if at a reduced rate), and sunscreen is necessary. 

Sunscreens Are Better Than Ever

There have been so many incredible advances in the formulation of sunscreen that wearing it can be enjoyable. Gone are the days when physical (mineral) sunscreens left your face looking chalky. Nowadays, they can come tinted to match your skin tone beautifully, like Taheri MD Ultra Shade Sunscreen

The Bottom Line

Dermatologists want you to wear sunscreen in the Winter. If the sun is out, so are damaging UV rays, regardless of whether the day is clear or cloudy.

Yes, the sun’s UV rays are weaker compared to the Summer, but they are still causing damage. This includes DNA damage and premature aging that could lead to skin cancer. 

Year-round sunscreen is necessary, even if you don’t burn in the Winter. Sunscreen formulations are better than ever nowadays and can be enjoyable to wear. 

Are you ready to begin your journey to healthier skin? Please call us today at the Skin and Cancer Institute, and we’ll help you set up an appointment with one of our dermatologists for an annual skin check-up.