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Cosmetic & Skin Dermatologists in Clark County

Cosmetic & Skin Dermatologists in Clark County

The board-certified dermatologists at our Clark County dermatologic centers throughout Nevada provide our patients with unparalleled treatment and care. Our doctors specialize in a wide variety of skin ailments and conditions, and are always seeking new and advanced treatment methods to provide to patients.

Skin Conditions We Treat

We treat nearly every medical skin condition patients suffer from, including rashes, eczema, keloids, scars, moles, and psoriasis. We also use advanced acne laser treatment methods, which allows us to treat acne effectively without the risk of burns or significant scarring.

Cosmetic Skin Procedures Performed in Clark County

Many of our patients seek cosmetic procedures to help them improve their appearance and self-esteem, or to combat the signs of aging. We offer modern-day approaches to cosmetic procedures, including Botox and fillers like Juvederm, and microdermabrasion. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in treating keloid, contracture, acne and hypertrophic scars is also at your disposal.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Our skin cancer center is staffed by trained specialists who not only excel in the diagnosis of skin cancer, but in providing some of the most effective treatment options around, including Mohs micrographic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Options in Clark County

Our plastic surgeons are among the most revered in the entire country, performing complex and common plastic surgery procedures including breast reduction and augmentation, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, and much more. Our surgeons also perform facial surgery, including brown, eyelid and more. Our patients come from throughout Nevada to have their skin care treatments met by some of the most respected doctors in all of Nevada and Southern California. Our chief board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Daniel Taheri, M.D., is a preeminent figure in the world of dermatology, having published more than two-dozen articles, authored the widely used text book, “Practical Management of Skin Cancer,” and positioning himself as one of the most successful doctors with the use of Mohs micrographic surgery. The dermatology centers of Nevada are a branch of the widely successful and revered Skin And Cancer Institute.

We offer services throughout Clark County:

WinchesterSunrise ManorSpring ValleyParadiseBox CanyonMesquiteHendersonLas VegasNorth Las Vegas

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