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Many people choose to undergo cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance and skin texture, elasticity and overall glow. Plastic surgery is incredibly drastic so choosing less invasive procedures that can benefit your goals for your skin may a better option for you. Sculptra is a collagen producing procedure which has been compared to Botox because the process includes injections into the patient’s skin. Dermatologists have given their seal of approval on Sculptra due to the ease of the procedure and the benefits their patients have seen. So, what exactly is Sculptra?

Consisting of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, Sculptra stimulates extra collagen production. Collagen is an element in the skin which gives an appearance of fullness and life. When men and women age certain areas of the face lose the extra collagen which results in a more “sunken” appearance. This tends to happen most under and around the eyes, cheeks and the temple area. Sculptra is to be used in an injected form within the patient’s targeted area and will help correct unwanted wrinkles, folds, and lines.

Sculptra must be administered by a board-certified dermatologist. Although it is FDA approved, the procedure must be done in the dermatologist’s office. This enables maximum light for the doctor to see. Also, before Sculptra is injected, a local anesthesia is administered to reduce any pain. The complete procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. To achieve the best results, Sculptra treatments should be completed 2-3 times.