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Imagine the convenience of having your prescription in hand as soon as you finish your dermatology appointment. And envision how supported you’ll feel by a physician owned dispensary technician who understands your dermatology prescription and can advocate for you with insurance. Just think how much money and time you’ll save. This convenience is now yours. That’s because the Skin and Cancer Institute has worked hard to open a physician owned dispensary at most of its locations.

We spoke with our own Dr. Raza Mehdi about this new offering for Skin and Cancer Institute patients. He said he’s excited about this higher level of dermatological care. He also shared his perspective on how a physician owned dispensary can benefit you. Here’s what he had to say.

Question: How is a physician owned dispensary different from traditional pharmacies?

Answer: Our physician owned dispensary is different from traditional pharmacies because our dermatology specialty medications are more complex. They might not be available from your local pharmacy or may require additional monitoring to provide the full benefit of their treatment. We are here to help ensure our patients get effective and safe outcomes and access to medications.

Question: What can your team provide education on?

Answer: Our team can provide education on your medication: how to take it; side effects, and drug interactions

Question: Can your team help with financial concerns?

Answer: Yes, our team can monitor prices and manufacturer rebates to apply to patient’s prescriptions.

Question: What about refills?

Answer: We will contact you when it is time for a refill and follow up on your treatment. We offer free Next Day shipping for refills, or you may pick your medication up at the pharmacy.

Question: What will the wait time be like?

Answer: We offer a minimal wait time. Prescriptions are ready by the time the patient checks out and is ready to leave the office.

Question: What can you do to help with prior authorizations?

Answer: The pharmacy can communicate directly with the dermatologist to prescribe medications that can reduce prior authorizations and expedite the medication to the patient.

Question: How can you help with insurance?

Answer: If a patient’s insurance denies the prescription, our physician owned dispensary tech can speak directly with the dermatologist for other possible options while in-office. We reduce prior authorization requests using a more thorough understanding of dermatology medications and the patient’s different payment options.

Question: Do you coordinate with my primary care physician?

Answer: We will work directly with your primary care physician or specialist to resolve any problems with your medication.

Question: Do you offer a physician owned dispensary at each location?

Answer: We currently offer a physician owned dispensary at most of our Skin and Cancer Institute offices. We are working diligently to offer them at each location in the near future.

Come experience the new Skin and Cancer Institute physician owned dispensaries located inside our dermatology office. It’s the ultimate convenience and makes getting your medication easy from beginning to end. Our priority is helping patients like you live better. That’s why we offer convenient ways for patients to manage their dermatological concerns.

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