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Dermatologists in San Luis Obispo County

Dermatologists in San Luis Obispo County

Cosmetic Enhancements & Plastic Surgery

Our practice offers our patients the finest quality skincare from dermatologic procedures which are medically necessary to cosmetic enhancements at your discretion, we provide an all-encompassing list of treatments to address various conditions and skin concerns.

For pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and aging, our laser treatments can tighten the skin, and treat discoloration, and brown spots. Our facial fillers can fill in sunken lines and add volume to areas that have sunken on the face with time. In addition to fillers like Restylane, Bellafill, and Juvederm, we also offer Botox, the most popular cosmetic injection of all. Injections of Botox can be applied around the eyes, nose, and mouth to eliminate fine lines. It can also be used under the armpits to treat a condition known as excess sweating called hyperhidrosis. 

In addition, injectables that are non-surgical exist to treat or eliminate fat. This injection can be applied to the chin area to remove fat or a double chin in a procedure called Kybella.

Skin Cancer Tumors, Melanoma, and Moles,

Various skin growths can become concerning or alarming. Skin examinations should be done routinely or at least annually. If you are an individual with excessive sun exposure or use tanning beds with UV rays, you may need to be seen more frequently by a board-certified dermatologist. Our practice highly recommends AGAINST the use of tanning beds. In fact, we recommend to our patients to limit their time in the sun in addition to taking extra precautions such as the use of high sun protection. Skin cancer can develop and evolve from growths such as moles or precancerous skin lesions.

If the growth is caught in time, the threat of skin cancer can be dealt with. Our practice has a highly skilled and trained team of dermatologic surgeons and skin cancer surgeons. Once the type of skin cancer is identified, a treatment plan will be made. Depending on the size, nature and type of cancer, various removal methods exist. Mohs micrographic surgery is one of the most effective types of surgical removal of cancerous tumors.

Please schedule an appointment with a licensed professional to address your skin care needs and concerns especially if you are facing a potentially dangerous growth or skin tumor. Our practice offers residents of San Luis Obispo County many options for their skin care needs.

We offer services throughout San Luis Obispo County:

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